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on your terms book by nick segal

By Nick Segal with Laura Segal

Discovering a more joyful and purpose-filled life through Value Conscious Negotiating

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Are You Worth It?

In terms of success, that is. Nick Segal thinks you are. And through his own life’s lessons in gaining what most would agree is phenomenal success—in all areas of life including financial—he has developed a uniquely gentle, supportive, and most of all, practical way for you to achieve what your heart desires. On Your Terms masterfully guides, encourages and inspires you to define, negotiate and achieve the success you want.

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What People Are Saying

  • “Light, but not lightweight, this extraordinary manual guides you in negotiating successfully with yourself, your work and your life, disguised in terms of the business of real estate. This book is rooted in common sense, but delivered with a very uncommon sensibility to the vagaries of our human natures, including Nick’s own. Read this with his gentle hand on your shoulder, super helpful for anyone in life’s negotiations to come. Great stuff!”


    David Allen International best-selling author, Getting Things Done

  • “I love the dimension of this book. You can think of ‘Terms’ as in crux or essence of negotiating the best deal possible. And, you can also think of ‘Terms’ as in the depth, or essence, or level of caring that you experience during any negotiation regardless of outcome. The first will often enhance your bank account. The second will always enhance the quality of your life. Nick is communicating how to have both in every deal.”


    Ron Hulnick Ph. D., President, University of Santa Monica, Co-author with Mary R. Hulnick, Ph.D. of Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Cantered Living

  • “This is a handbook for professional and personal success in the 21st century. Nick offers significant keys for establishing good relationships, a road map for effective negotiations and a truly heartfelt process for achieving business success and personal fulfilment. For a graduate starting their career, or anyone feeling overwhelmed in this rapidly changing world of business and finance, On Your Terms is a must read.”


    Anne Naylor Coach and Motivational Speaker

  • “A modern day Think and Grow Rich. Based on his success in business and life, Nick Segal compellingly answers the question, “Are you worth it?” The answer is yes, which makes this book well worth reading.”


    Mark K. Updegrove
    Director of the LBJ Presidential Library and Author of the newly published The Last Republicans: Inside the Extraordinary Relationship Between George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush

  • “Nick Segal has written the guidebook to real world success that we all wish we’d had years ago. Buy copies for anyone you care about who is out there struggling in the world market. This deep and powerful book will show them the way.”


    Steve Chandler Author, Coach

  • “Coco Chanel said, “I decided who I wanted to be, and that’s who I am.” In On Your Terms, Nick outlines your path to success in buttery prose, tapping a big personal bank account of experience and proven success. His path requires common sense, taking a small amount of time to define your version of personal success and discipline, but Nick guarantees success will come. Using his wisdom, tried and proven methods, and tools from The Secret, Don Miguel Ruiz’s 4 Agreements, and a dose of golf guru Bob Rotella, easy common sense solutions are proposed. This important book is a MUST READ for anyone who sets the intention to have SUCCESS as an integral part of their life.”


    Mark Werts Author of America’s Simple Solutions & Founder of American Rag Cie

  • “Thanks to my work with Nick and ‘On Your Terms,’ I have shifted my mindset around building success for our company. This is from this morning’s gratitude journaling: I’m grateful for the opportunity to create new work that is continually opening up before me. I’m grateful for the foundation for success we have built and that now gains momentum exponentially.”



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Why This Book?

Creating success is one of the greatest and most rewarding adventures in life. Many self-help books explore personal growth as a way to make us feel better about ourselves. But then what? How do we more fully engage our expanded self into the adventure of success creation? There are many books that help you clarify what you want, which is also great. But if they don’t teach you how to negotiate the outcomes you want, it becomes difficult to walk into a room and come away with what you’re aiming for.


Then there are books that will teach you how to negotiate for yourself. This is great if you have the foundational belief that you are worthy to receive what you are negotiating for. But if you don’t feel worthy, odds are you will again fall short in your quest for success.


What makes On Your Terms unique is the fact that, finally, there is a working manual that explores the three essential ingredients of success.

It gently guides you in:
1. More fully claiming your personal value, then
2. Identifying the success you want to create, and then
3. Empowering yourself to effectively negotiate those outcomes.


Segal presents an entertaining and self-revealing exploration of his personal success adventure that will inspire anyone willing to do the work to more fully realize their own heartfelt dreams of success.


Segal’s approach is a simple and proven methodology; a “paint by numbers” series of action steps designed to enhance personal confidence and develop practical new skills for creating happiness and success.


His personable, encouraging and often humorous style will naturally lift you into the realization that success is not only possible, but very much attainable. And attainable on your terms.

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Meet the Authors

A nationally renowned executive, prized speaker and celebrated innovator, Nick Segal has had an immeasurable impact over his three decades in real estate. Fervently committed to raising the bar of professionalism in the industry, Nick has developed two prominent real estate companies from the ground up: DBL Realtors, acquired by Sotheby’s in 2004, where he grew the company from 12 to 650 agents, and founding Partners Trust, acquired by Pacific Union International after achieving more than $11 billion in sales in only eight years. While serving as CEO of Partners Trust, Nick received both the Realtor of the Year and William May Garland Awards.


To support the success of his associates and others, he began a parallel career designing and facilitating workshops for those who would like to have more of what they want in life. He has facilitated countless workshops and coaching sessions in Los Angeles and across the U.S.


Nick and his wife Laura, a life coach and Nick’s facilitating partner, live what they teach. They thoroughly enjoy the success they have created from their lovely home base near the beach in Santa Monica, California.

Laura Segal is a life and business coach dedicated to supporting individuals, groups and organizations in experiencing greater joy and freedom in their lives. She holds a master’s degree in spiritual psychology from The University of Santa Monica.

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